Established in 1996, LoChamp Import and Export Co. is a specialized manufacturer of equipment used for the handling of animal feed, organic fertilizer, and biomass fuel. We are a comprehensive enterprise, providing our highly valued customers with the design, production, installation, and maintenance of our equipment. We do more than simply deliver your equipment and show you how to use it, we undertake complete projects for animal feed handling, biomass, fertilizer, etc. We can work with you directly to provide you with the equipment and set it up in a manner that will optimize performance tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

LoChamp has a complete production solution to feed. Having been occupied in feed machinery for over 20 years with repeated attempts and trials, LoChamp owns rich experience in feed machinery. We can provide you with the lowest operating cost solutions in order to bring the maximum benefits from feed mills to you.
Now we are able to offer animal feed lines , pellet line and fertilizer line.